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Another Ulysses Heifer Calf
One day old calf!
#21 Twin Oaks Hannibal - 2 yr. old Fullblood Lowline Bull - Excellent length, good muscle, great disposition. He's ready to be your herd sire now!

Twin Oaks Hannibal
Thickness, length & depth
2 year old Fullblood Lowline Bull
#21 Twin Oaks Hannibal
He's got the length we want in the
Lowline business.

Twin Oaks Tequilla 1164P in the muck - Look at this Bull. Don't you want your herd to look like this? All muscle, excellent length, thickness too!
(Click Here for Registration Certificate)

Fullblood Lowline Bulls
#13 Texs    #21 Hannibal
Fullblood Lowline Calves
1 week old
Fullblood Lowline Calves
Sired by Zefferelli and SAM

Fullblood Lowline Bulls Add Thickness

Not even an hour old
Twin Oaks Lucky #7

Awesome Fullblood Lowline Heifer

3 Month Old Zeffereli Calves
Left: Twin Oaks Zeffe' 4167   
Right: Twin Oaks Zeffereli 4127

3 mos. old
Deep, long, thick and well muscled. These are top quality
Lowline genetics added to our herd.

Fullblood calf sired by Zefferelli


Twin Oaks Tequilla 1164P
National Western Stock Show - Denver Colorado - Jan. 2007


One-half of our herd - Fullblood American Lowline Cattle
The largest herd in the Southeast.


JOHN FLOYD - Twin Oaks Cattle Company

"Let The Show Begin"
Dennis Boldt ready to show

John Floyd (L)  Dennis Boldt (R)
It's time to get serious!
Lowline cattle are the perfect choice for those young juniors who want to get into the act.
The Junior Program in the Lowline breed is growing.
She never stopped smiling! The Iowa State Fair Junior Show was a huge success!
Mr. Floyd - Please don't make us
sweep anymore!

Look out for this Junior Cowboy!

Everyone is put to work at the Iowa
State Fair.

The whole family gets into the act at the
Iowa State Fair.

Future Lowline Queens? Kids of all ages showed their Lowline Cattle at the
Iowa State Fair.

Good food, Good times...at the
Iowa State Fair.

Burton Weiss (L) joins John Floyd (C) and Dennis Boldt (R) for some photos.



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